We are pleased to announce a special rate for GAW20 participants to attend the 


Statistical Genetics Programming Workshop

March 9-10 on the UCLA Campus

  • This workshop will cover statistical genetics programming in the OpenMendel software, using the state-of-the-art Julia language designed for scientific computing

  • The syllabus will cover both using OpenMendel for genetic analysis, and methods for extending the OpenMendel code for customized applications 

  • Intended for bioinformaticians and statisticians who want to customize their analysis of genetic data drawn from the study of complex traits

  • Instructors will include faculty and scientists from UCLA and MIT

  • Participants should have prior programming experience


General registration is $100.

Special rate for GAW attendee is $50.

For More Information and to Apply, visit www.genetics.ucla.edu/courses/statgene, or email statgene@mednet.ucla.edu.