Epigenetic and Pharmacogenomic Data

The data set for GAW20 draws on themes of pharmacogenomics and epigenetics, some of the most requested topics in a 2015 survey of the GAW mailing list. The GAW20 ‘real’ data set includes metabolic syndrome diagnoses and HDL and triglyceride levels before and after treatment with fenofibrate as well as genome-wide methylation pre- and post-treatment and dense genome-wide SNPs from the GOLDN project. For more detail on the GOLDN study, see these papers on GWAS and fenofibrate treatment and methylation. A companion simulated data set, generated by investigators at Washington University in St. Louis, includes 200 replicates of simulated post-treatment triglyceride and methylation levels based on the real GOLDN data structure, pre-treatment values, and SNP genotypes. We anticipate that these data sets will give GAW20 participants opportunities to address topics such as epigenetics, genetics of treatment response, analysis of repeated measures, GWAS, genotype-by-smoking or genotype-by-age interactions, joint analyses of multiple phenotypes, and others.