Members of the GAW Advisory Committee are experts in their fields who volunteer their time on behalf of GAW. 
The Advisory Committee chooses topics and data sets for each Workshop and assists in Workshop organization. Each committee member also has contributed to the success of the Workshops over the years as a participant, group leader, editor, local organizer, or data provider.

Committee members serve 5-year terms.


Current Membership (term ending)

Julia Bailey, USA 

Josée Dupuis, USA

David Fardo, USA

Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, Germany (2016)

Inke Koenig, Germany (2017)

Corinne Engelman, USA (2018)

Michael Province, USA (2018)

Andrew Paterson, Canada (2016)

Laura Almasy, USA

Jean MacCluer, USA

Past Membership (term ended)

Cathy Falk, USA (2003)Heather Cordell, UK (2008)

Anne Spence, USA (2003)Heike Bickeböller, Germany (2009)

Max Baur, Germany (2004)John Witte, USA (2009)

Sue Hodge, USA (2004)Andreas Ziegler, Germany (2010)

Chris Amos, USA (2005)Ingrid Borecki, USA (2010)

Françoise Clerget-Darpoux, France (2006)Maria Martinez, France (2011)

Lynn Goldin, USA (2006)Xiaofeng Zhu, USA (2011)

Duncan Thomas, USA (2007)Beth Hauser, USA (2012)

Joan Bailey-Wilson, USA (2008)Glen Satten, USA (2013

Saurabh Ghosh, India (2013)

Adrienne Cupples, USA (2014)

Ellen Wijsman, USA (2014)

Jim Gauderman, USA (2015)

Shelly Bull, Canada (2015)