More than a year before each Genetic Analysis Workshop, suggestions for topic and appropriate data sets are solicited from people on the GAW mailing list (which now includes more than 3000 individuals).  

Topics are chosen and a small group of organizers is selected by the GAW Advisory Committee. Data sets are assembled, and six or seven months before each GAW, a memo is sent to individuals on the GAW mailing list announcing the availability of the GAW data. Included with the memo is a short description of the data sets and a form for requesting data. The form contains a statement to be signed by any investigator requesting the data, acknowledging that the data are confidential and agreeing not to use them for any purpose other than the Genetic Analysis Workshop without written permission from the data provider(s). Data are distributed by ftp or CD-ROM or, most recently, on the web, together with a more complete written description of the data sets.

Investigators who wish to participate in GAW submit written contributions approximately 6-8 weeks before the Workshop.  
The GAW Advisory Committee reviews contributions for relevance to the GAW topics. Contributions are assembled and distributed to all participants approximately two weeks before the Workshop. Participation in the GAWs is limited to investigators who (1) submit results of their analyses for presentation at the Workshop, or (2) are data providers, invited speakers or discussants, or Workshop organizers.

The proceedings of each GAW are published. 

Proceedings from GAW18 are currently in press, with an anticipated publication date of late Spring 2014.  GAW17 proceedings were published late 2011 in part by Genetic Epidemiology (Volume 35, Supplement 1, 2011) and in part by Biomed Central (BMC Proceedings, Volume 5, Supplement 9, 2011).


The Genetic Analysis Workshops (GAWs), which began in 1982, were initially motivated by the development and publication of several new algorithms for statistical genetic analysis, as well as by reports in the literature in which different investigators, using different methods of analysis, had reached contradictory conclusions. 

The impetus was initially to determine the numerical accuracy of the algorithms, to examine the robustness of the methodologies to violations of assumptions, and finally, to compare the range of conclusions that could be drawn from a single set of data.


The Workshops have evolved to include consideration of problems related to analyses of specific complex traits, but the focus has always been on analytical methods. 
The Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to interact in addressing methodological issues, to test novel methods on the same well-characterized data sets, to compare results and interpretations, and to discuss current problems in genetic analysis. The Workshop discussions are a forum for investigators who are evolving new methods of analysis as well as for those who wish to gain further experience with existing methods. The success of the Workshops is due at least in part to the focus on specific problems and data sets, the informality of sessions, and the requirement that everyone who attends must have made a contribution.


Previous Genetic Analysis Workshops have been devoted to the topics listed below.
Workshops devoted to mapping have utilized genetic markers on:

  • evaluation of methods of segregation analysis of quantitative traits (GAW1 - MacCluer et al., 1983);

  • methods for detecting and interpreting disease-marker associations and linkage (GAW2 - MacCluer et al., 1984a, b); 

  • methods for multipoint mapping (GAW3 - MacCluer et al., 1985a, b; and GAW6: Spence et al., 1989); 

  • resolution of differences in genetic maps obtained by different investigators (GAW4 - Meyers and Beaty, 1987); 

  • new approaches to analysis of data sets for specific diseases (GAW4 - Bishop et al., 1987); 

  • issues of genetic heterogeneity and genotype-environment interaction (GAW5 - Clerget-Darpoux et al., 1989); 

  • linkage analysis using information from affected relative pairs (GAW6 - Elston et al., 1989); 

  • resolution of physical and genetic maps (GAW7 - Boehnke, 1992; Green, 1992); 

  • recent progress in statistical genetic methods (GAW7 - Bishop, 1992); 

  • evaluation of methods for detecting genetic effects on quantitative disease precursors (GAW7 - Risch and Sherman, 1992; and GAW12 - Wijsman et al., 2001); 

  • genetic analysis of disorders with apparent genetic heterogeneity (GAW8 - Wijsman, 1993); 

  • genetic analysis of multiple quantitative risk factors for complex diseases (GAW8 - Wilson, 1993; and GAW12 - Wijsman et al., 2001); 

  • mapping of genes that influence complex oligogenic traits (GAW9 - Hodge, 1995; Blangero, 1995; Goldgar, 1995; GAW10 - Rice, 1997; GAW11 - Almasy and Borecki, 1999; and GAW12- Wijsman et al., 2001); 

  • issues of power and false positives in genomic searching (GAW10 - Wijsman and Amos, 1997; GAW11 - Greenberg, 1999; and GAW12 - Wijsman et al., 2001); 

  • analysis of DNA sequence data for candidate genes (GAW11); and 

  • genetic analysis of longitudinal data for a complex disease and its risk factors (GAW13).

The Workshops have utilized both computer simulated and real data. 
The real data sets have included:

  • family data for breast cancer (GAW4 and GAW9);

  • insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (GAW4 and GAW5);

  • coeliac disease (GAW4);

  • multiple sclerosis (GAW4);

  • Huntington's disease (GAW4);

  • affective disorders (GAW5 and GAW10);

  • melanoma (GAW7);

  • Alzheimer's disease (GAW8);

  • coronary heart disease (GAW8, GAW12, and GAW13); 

  • asthma (GAW11);

  • Alcoholism and related quantitative risk factors with genome-wide microsatellites and low density SNPs from the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (GAW14);

  • RNA expression levels and a low density map of genome-wide SNPs in CEPH families (GAW15, problem 1);

  • Rheumatoid arthritis data with genome-wide microsatellites and a low density SNP map from the North American Rheumatoid Arthritis Consortium (GAW15, problem 2);

  • Longitudinal data on heart disease and related risk factors and high density genome-wide SNPs from the Framingham Heart Study families (GAW16, problem 1); and

  • High density genome-wide SNPs from a case/control Rheumatoid Arthritis study (GAW16, problem 2).

The simulated data sets have included:

  • Microsatellite & SNP genome-wide scan data for 4 studies of a complex diseae with different study designs, disease definitions, & genetic determinants. 100 replicates (GAW14); 

  • 15- Data for a complex disease and quantitative risk factors in 1500 nuclear families with an ASP & 2000 control families. Genome-wide microsatellite and SNP markers, dense SNPs on one chromosome. Modeled after the GAW15 NARAC data set. 100 replicates (GAW15, problem 2); and 

  • 16 - Phenotypic data for a complex disease and quantitative risk factors, using the real genotypes and family structures from the GAW16 Framingham Heart Disease data set. 200 replicates (GAW16, problem 1).

Workshops devoted to mapping having utilized genetic markers on:

  • chromosomes 7 (GAW6) and 11 (GAW4);

  • chromosome 21 genetic and physical data (GAW7); and

  • computer simulated data (GAW3, GAW9, GAW10, GAW11, GAW12 and GAW13).



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Members of the GAW Advisory Committee are experts in their fields who volunteer their time on behalf of GAW. 
The Advisory Committee chooses topics and data sets for each Workshop and assists in Workshop organization. Each committee member also has contributed to the success of the Workshops over the years as a participant, group leader, editor, local organizer, or data provider.

Committee members serve 5-year terms.

Current Membership (term ending)

Adrienne Cupples, USA (2014)

Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, Germany (2016)

Ellen Wijsman, USA (2014)

Inke Koenig, Germany (2017)

Shelly Bull, Canada (2015)

Corinne Engelman, USA (2018)

Jim Gauderman, USA (2015)

Michael Province, USA (2018)

Andrew Paterson, Canada (2016)

Laura Almasy, USA

Jean MacCluer, USA

Past Membership (term ended)

Cathy Falk, USA (2003)Heather Cordell, UK (2008)

Anne Spence, USA (2003)Heike Bickeböller, Germany (2009)

Max Baur, Germany (2004)John Witte, USA (2009)

Sue Hodge, USA (2004)Andreas Ziegler, Germany (2010)

Chris Amos, USA (2005)Ingrid Borecki, USA (2010)

Françoise Clerget-Darpoux, France (2006)Maria Martinez, France (2011)

Lynn Goldin, USA (2006)Xiaofeng Zhu, USA (2011)

Duncan Thomas, USA (2007)Beth Hauser, USA (2012)

Joan Bailey-Wilson, USA (2008)Glen Satten, USA (2013)

Saurabh Ghosh, India (2013)